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"It is clear that the brains behind this know a lot about this stuff. For me, they check every box".

First L. • Job Title

First L. • Job Title

He has been amazing and his Ebook guide has given me the confidence to move forward with new business ideas. 

Example • Their Current Role

It is clear that the brains behind this know a LOT about this stuff. For me, they check every box.

Example • Their Current Role

Rediscover Your Passion For Wedding Photography!

"He has been amazing and his guide paired with the Ebook has given me confidence to move forward with new ideas".

Ditch The Cookie-Cutter Shots And Fill Your Portfolio With Documentary-Style Photos That You Can Try At Your Next Wedding
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Photography Business

✔️ Our Proven 4-Step Documentary-Style Masterclass - $127

✔️ 20+ Examples To Work From - $27

✔️ Client-Attracting Portfolio Secrets - $47

✔️ *BONUS* Camera Settings Walkthrough - $47

Go Behind The Lens With Us And Get Instant Access To...

Ready to go beyond the “checklist” of photos and traditional portraits, but not sure where to start?

Want to update your style, but worried about how clients will react if you pivot?

Are client expectations holding you back from embracing documentary-style wedding photography?


Then you've landed on the right page!

Snag Our Proven Techniques To Capture Genuine Emotion And Authentic Moments Clients Will Rave About, Every Time.

Hear From Previous Students That Have Adopted This Photography Style...

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied. That's why we'll happily give you your money back if you feel like the Masterclass didn't provide you with any value. Just let us know within 7 days of purchase, and we'll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

From Posing To Storytelling: Learn How Wedding Photographers Infuse Narrative Magic Into Every Shot!

I would have easily paid $500 for the Breaking The Pose Masterclass

Katie Engelbert

I loved the Masterclass! I implemented what I learned and LOVED the result - literally some of my most favorite photos ever!

Jess Wenzel

Total Value - $248

Total Cost - $57

Today's Cost - $27

Meet Angie...

Angie, the youngest of three siblings, spent her early years immersed in the world of art. Her mother, pursuing a degree, would pack up both Angie and her art supplies, bringing them along to her fine art classes. These early experiences became the foundation of Angie's appreciation for light, composition, and the unique vision of an artist.

This exposure to the arts ignited Angie's creative spark and eventually led her to a passion for documenting weddings. Drawing inspiration from unscripted tender moments and genuine emotions, Angie has been capturing weddings for over 8 years. It's the unexpected seconds that often transform into the most beautiful memories.

Collaborating with Gina, they aim to share their combined knowledge and love for wedding photography to help others build a rewarding and successful business. 

Having mentored photography students and fellow photographers, Angie is excited to present their most comprehensive class yet to elevate both photography skills and businesses. 

Introducing Your Hosts...

Gina & Angie!

Meet Gina...

At the age of 12, Gina discovered her passion for photography, initially capturing moments with her friends. Encouraged by her supportive mother, she delved into photography classes at a local art college and continued to refine her skills throughout her teenage years.

Gina's journey took a definitive turn during a summer art program at Cornell University, solidifying her path as a photographer. She pursued documentary photography at the Maryland Institute of Art and internationally at the University of Wales, earning the Nikon Discovery Award Grand Prize and was named one of the 25 Under 25 Up-and-Coming American Photographers

With over fifteen years of experience, Gina not only created renowned bodies of work but also shared her expertise by teaching photography nationally and internationally. 

Although wedding photography wasn't initially in her plans, an opportunity to assist at a friend's wedding revealed the perfect outlet for capturing the vibrant moments she loves – those filled with life, love, and connection.

Now, as the host of a Masterclass, Gina brings her wealth of experience to guide aspiring photographers in unlocking the art of capturing authentic moments and building a fulfilling career in wedding and lifestyle photography.

Reach Your Business Goals

Elevate your brand by creating a plethora of high-quality, authentic images for your marketing materials.

Hone in the art of effective storytelling to connect with clients on a deeper level, and ensure long-term relevance in our evolving photography industry.

Transistion Seamlessly To A New Style

Integrate documentary-style elements at your own pace - begin with selective sessions, update your portfolio, and adjust marketing materials to showcase your evolving style.

Our masterclass provides the training and insights to guide your transition, ensuring you capture the authenticity of genuine moments without disrupting your established business.

Reignite Your Passion For Photograpy

Implement new perspectives and methods that will invigorate your approach to photography while mastering new skills that reignite your passion with a new take on traditional wedding photos.

Reconnect to the creative expression that drew you to photography in the first place!

Stay Up With Trends

As the wedding industry evolves, couples increasingly seek photographers who can provide a fresh and contemporary perspective. Adopting documentary-style photography helps you stay relevant in a dynamic and competitive market.

Improve Client Satisfaction

Modern couples often prefer a more relaxed and authentic feel to their wedding photos.

Delivering documentary-style images can lead to higher client satisfaction and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Distinguishing yourself with a documentary-style approach sets your portfolio apart from traditional wedding photographers, and attracts clients who appreciate - and are willing to pay for - more natural and authentic images.

Build a Stand-Out Portfolio

After This Masterclass, You'll Be Equipped With Everything You Need To...

✔️ Our Proven 4-Step Documentary-Style Masterclass - $127

✔️ 20+ Examples To Work From - $27

✔️ Client-Attracting Portfolio Secrets - $47

✔️ *BONUS* Camera Settings Walkthrough - $47

Join 700+ Attendees And Gain Instant Access To The...

Breaking The Pose Masterclass

Total Value -  $248 

Total Cost -   $57 

Today's Cost - $27

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Does it feel like you shoot the same thing, at every wedding, over and over again?

Sure, it works, people know what to expect, and you can find consistent work.

But where is the passion and creativity you had when you started as a wedding photographer?

We realize it's scary to completely flip to documentary-style photography overnight so we provide examples and advice on how to start practicing at your next wedding.

Do you want to keep following mundane "shot lists" and fill your portfolio with uninspired portraits?

OR are you ready to further your photography skills with an exciting, effective photography technique that'll keep you booked with top-notch clients who are a dream to capture?

Hit the link below to discover The Breaking The Pose Masterclass: Documentary-style photos that you can try at your next wedding👇

We've Been There.

We loved weddings at first - the access, emotions, and the ebbs and flows of the day.

But after a while, we started feeling burnt out.

Then the "aha" moment...

We realized we weren't showing what we wanted to shoot, so of course clients were expecting the portraits and posed photos!

The real, raw, emotional images that would really resonate with our ideal clients and repel clients that weren't a good fit.

We create the Breaking The Pose Masterclass to help photographers like you have your own pivotal moment.

The Only Question Remains...

We've had over 400 people enroll in the Breaking The Pose Masterclass and the feedback has been amazing.

And the best part?

It's only $27.

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Take A Look Inside The Masterclass


Session 5:

Camera Settings

We’re taking you behind the lens to share the exact camera settings for this new style of shooting. We’ll share tips on lens selection and explore the exposure and techniques we use to perfect the documentary-style approach. 

These practical shifts not only diversify your image collection but also contribute to a more impactful photographic narrative.

Session 2:


Discover the power of being in the right place at the right time, enhancing both the client experience and the impact of your photographs. 

As you hone this skill, you'll be ready for moments without hesitation, creating a more powerful and authentic visual narrative for your client's special day.

Broken Down Into Easy-To-Digest Sessions

Session 1:

Allow The Moments To Happen

Allow natural interactions to unfold, creating emotionally charged and unique images throughout the day. 

We guide you in managing client expectations, ensuring comfort, and fostering an environment where genuine moments flourish. 

We also go through tips to seamlessly blend into the background, educate your clients on your documentary style, and confidently navigate any challenges that may arise.

Session 3:

Follow The Moment

Elevate your storytelling with impeccable composition, dynamic use of light, and strategic positioning to effortlessly create impactful and compelling narratives.

We share how to consistently photograph unfolding scenes, ensuring each shot is intentional and powerful. 

Session 4:

Use Perspective

Understand the use of perspective to tell a compelling, documentary-style story. Learn the tricks of using everyday items to create dynamic photos with enhanced composition.

This is the secret to adding depth and drama to your captured moments!

Mary Le Gassick

This course is extremely helpful! It's led by talented photographers who sincerely want to support the success of their community. They share examples of their own work to highlight each lesson/module in a way that's digestible and inspiring.

I would have easily paid $500 for the Breaking The Pose Masterclass

Katie Engelbert